Turn your in-house training into a powerhouse

Our Mission

You want your employees to grow, but you want them to enjoy that process, too. Our super accessible course library will have everyone on board in no time, and our unique approach will inspire them again and again. Unlimited learning!

All of our courses encourage daily learning. You will spend 60 minutes learning every week to achieve your personal goals. This learning method will improve the retention of what you learned and really makes it stick, it doesn't take much time and it will challenge you to apply what you have learned right away.

How it works

Proper training is one of the best investments an organization can make, therefore the saying: "If you think training is expensive, try an incident".

So, how does it work?

Basically it is very simple. You choose the package that suits you: the period you wish to have access and start learning immediately.

We believe that training should be affordable for everyone, whether you work in a big or small organization, or you choose to boost your level of knowledge as an individual.

Where most online training providers offer you “package deals” with the 3 mandatory courses (Fuel Tank Safety, Human Factors and EWIS), we offer you those exact courses + many more, for a even lower price than those package deals.

Furthermore, we add new courses every month which you can access completely free.

Did you know  that a typical school hour is not 60 minutes, but 40 to 50 minutes?

Studies have shown that your attention span diminishes when your brain has to absorb new information for too long. For this reason, we develop short courses and modules, which is also quite convenient if you have an hour to spare in between tasks.


  • Get instant access to the entire library (and all new courses as they’re released).
  • More courses on professional soft skills are added regularly.
  • Solve your soft skills training for years to come. Courses are built to last and cover topics that will always be essential for business success.