Fuel Tank Safety Phase 1+2 Continuation


Dave · 30 June 2020

Since 1959 there have been 18 fuel tank explosions on transport category airplanes.

Maintenance and engineering personnel must be able to ensure that the fuel tank system airworthiness limitations are properly performed throughout the operational life of the airplane by having a thorough understanding of the airplane fuel tank system critical design features.

They also need be aware of the importance of accomplishing the fuel tank system airworthiness limitations, CDCCLs, inspections, and other procedures while accomplishing scheduled and unscheduled maintenance.

Learning Goals:

Upon completion of this advanced online training course, the students will:

  • Have knowledge of the history of events related to fuel tank safety issues;
  • Know the major accidents related to fuel tank systems, the accident investigations and their conclusions;
  • Be familiar with the basic elements of the fuel tank safety issues;
  • Be able to give a simple description of the historical background and the elements requiring a safety consideration;
  • Be able to use typical terms;
  • Have knowledge of the FAA & JAA regulations;
  • Be able to give a detailed description of the concept of fuel tank system ALI and CDCCL;
  • Be able to identify the components or parts or the aircraft subject to FTS from the manufacturer’s documentation;
  • Know how he or she can recognize, interpret and handle the improvements in the instruction for continuing airworthiness that have been made or are being made regarding the fuel tank system maintenance;
  • Have awareness of any hazards especially when working on the fuel system, and when the Flammability Reduction System using nitrogen is installed;
  • Have knowledge of Fuel Tank Safety during maintenance.

This course consists of the following modules:

  • Module 1, The Concept and History
  • Module 2, Regulations and Procedures
  • Module 3, Documentation and Practices
  • Examination

Each module ends with a series of practice questions.

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