Parts Departing Aircraft (PDA)

Parts Departing Aircraft

Dave · 1 July 2020

The number of aircrafts and flights is increasing worldwide.With this increasement the number of accidents or unsafe situation caused by parts falling off an airplane increases as well.

Safety is one the most important topics in the aviation industry. Usually we think of safety in the way of avoiding the airplane to crash or avoiding any other unsafe situation for the passengers and crew inside the aircraft while it’s 35.000 feet in the air.

But what happens while the aircraft is flying with that altitude of 35.000 feet, and something falls from the aircraft down to the ground ? With that altitude, and the speed gained during this long fall, even a simple screw from a cover or panel can have a serious impact on the ground.

You might think, what is the chance actually, that something falls off the aircraft in flight ? One in a million ? The Air Traffic Organization of the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration of the USA) alone handles more than 16 million flights a year. One in a million is a  bad calculation when you are playing the lottery, but one accident per 1 million flights is way too much.

It is therefore important all aviation personnel are aware of what the consequences can be when parts are not correctly attached or installed to the airplane.

This training is developed to create this awareness. Don’t consider this as “another obligated” training. Please take the time and effort to familiarize yourself with this important topic. It only takes you a half hour, and makes a world of difference, for safety sake.

Learning Goals

After successfully completing this module, the student will be able to:

Module 1 Introduction of PDA

  • Describe the definition of PDA;
  • Describe potential PDA objects;
  • Describe potential PDA safety risks;
  • Describe how PDA can occur due to a chain of events.

Module 2 Reducing the Risk of PDA

  • Describe the responsibilities of the different branches within the aviation industry;
  • Explain how to reduce the risk of PDA; 
  • Explain the inspection techniques to prevent potential PDA;
  • Describe the relation between PDA and Human factors;
  • Describe the relation between PDA and FOD.

Module 3 Reported & Reporting PDAs

  • Explain the history of PDAs;
  • Describe the growing public concern regarding PDA;
  • Describe the necessity of reporting PDAs.
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