EWIS Initial Target Groups 7 & 8






EWIS Initial Target Groups 7 & 8

The aviation industry is continuously improving when it comes to safety. As bad as it is, lessons are learned with every incident or accident, big or small. The cause of it is analyzed and procedures are drawn up or changed based on this: we learn from every situation, big or small, to make flying even safer. Our course focuses on Electrical Wiring Interconnection Systems (EWIS), a crucial part of keeping airplanes safe. Join us on a journey where safety isn’t just a rule – it’s a shared commitment and passion. By joining our EWIS training, you’re not just meeting requirements; you’re gaining valuable knowledge to boost your career in aviation. Expect to learn practical safety skills that will set you apart in the industry.

This initial training is custom-made to meet the requirements given by the aviation authorities for target groups 7 & 8.

Target Group 7: Flight deck crew;
Target Group 8: Cabin crew.

This course includes:

  • 6 Lessons
  • Assessments
  • Examination
  • Course Certificate